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About Our E-Cigs and Juice in Las Vegas, NV

There are many different reasons to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs and juice in Las Vegas, NV. The benefits are truly limitless. Not only do electronic cigarettes provide a safer alternative to smoking, but they can also offer financial benefits. Users can begin reaping the benefits as soon as they make the switch. Vapor cigarettes are a much better option than traditional tobacco.

Top 10 Reasons Electronic Cigarettes Are The Best Option:

  1. Cost Friendly – Electronic cigarettes are far less expensive than traditional tobacco. Our users report a reduction in cost from the conventional cigarette of 65% and higher! If you smoke a pack a day at $5.00 a pack, that is $150.00 per month. A savings of 65% would be approximately $100. At $1,200.00 a year in savings, you can enjoy a nice vacation, buy that expensive toy you always wanted or bank the money for a rainy day!

  2. No Second-Hand Smoke – Users will not have to worry about polluting the lungs of the ones that they love with second-hand smoke. Electronic cigarette and vaping starter kits only exhale a water-based vapor that is odorless and evaporates in seconds.

  3. Enjoy Electronic Cigarettes Anywhere – Electronic cigarettes can be enjoyed in public places that generally ban smoking, like restaurants and theaters, because they do not emit second-hand smoke.

  4. Easy to Use – You do not have to be a rocket scientist to use our products including our electronic cigarette kit. If you can press a button and inhale, you’ve pretty much got it figured out.

  5. Wide Selection of Nicotine Strengths – Vegas Vapor Emporium offers a variety of options when it comes to nicotine strengths. This allows you to closely match what your current nicotine intake is from traditional smoking and makes it easier to keep track if you’d like to work on lowering your nicotine intake. No uncomfortable withdrawals.

  6. Variety of Flavors – There is a vast selection of flavor options available at Vegas Vapor Emporium. Flavors to suit everyone’s taste can be found. Traditional tobacco flavors and fruity e-juice are offered as well.

  7. Goodbye Tobacco Smell – Tired of smelling like cigarettes? Put an end to cigarette odors getting into your clothes, car, and home ruining your valuable possessions. With electronic cigarettes, there is no offensive odor.

  8. Goodbye Yellow Teeth – Tar is a primary byproduct of smoking. Our products which include e-cigs and juice don’t produce any Tar residue to stain your teeth (Or turn your walls and possessions yellow).

  9. No More “Kissing an Ashtray” – Need we say more?

  10. No Ash or Hot Cigarette Tip – No hot cigarette tip to burn whatever it touches. No dirty ashes to fall off damaging floors and carpet with our vaping starter kits.